Advertising On The Go

We’ve all seen them one time or another. And most of them are eye appealing. Truck car magnets are a great way to advertise your business. Whether you are a huge multi million dollar conglomerate, or an entrepreneur just trying to advertise your business, car magnets are the way to go.

 Car magnets are a cheap way to get your company advertised literally everywhere you go. Whether it’s a quick trip to the grocery store, or just stopping to fill up on gas. Car magnets are a very effective tool for any business.

 Car magnets can be easily designed to fit your company needs. They can include anything from a cute illustration, to your phone number and name of your business. Letting all consumers see your advertising plain as day. They also come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors, to fit your desired need.

 These magnets have become super popular among self employed people who struggle to make ends meet, and can’t afford pricey advertising. Radio advertising as well as TV advertising in the form of a commercial, is very expensive. Now-a-days, there is also billboard advertising, but that too can become quite expensive very quickly. As most of them have gone digital. But car magnets can be purchased for as little as $14. That’s cheap advertising that could potentially bring in thousands of dollars.

 A benefit to purchasing car magnets is that they are removable. At first, when placing a car magnet on your car, you should be sure to thoroughly clean the area where the magnet is to be applied. Most companies recommend removing the magnet daily. If you don’t remove it daily, and you happen to live in a state that has high humidity and summers that have scorching temperatures, then there’s a chance that the car magnet could potentially melt onto the surface of the car. Making it hard to remove, and possibly damaging the cars exterior paint job. Not to mention the car magnet itself being damaged.

 If you have more than one vehicle that you use for your business, the magnet can easily be removed from one vehicle, and placed on the other one. But it’s highly likely you will want to buy more than one magnet. Usually buying more than one saves on the cost of the car magnet. When you own a business, saving money is always a benefit to anything you purchase.

 Car magnets can be used in more than just business advertising. They can also be used for getting the word out there about an issue that is near and dear to your heart. Maybe you want to protest something, or maybe you have a child graduating high school and you want to make it known to the world how proud you are of them. Maybe you have a child in Girl Scouts, and you would like to get other people to join. Whatever your cause may be, you can customize your car magnet to say virtually anything you want it to.

 Car magnets should be taken care of when not in use. Wiping them down regularly, and keeping them away from other magnets is key to keeping them in tip top shape. As with most magnets, if the car magnet touches another car magnet, the strip on the back of the magnet can become defective. Making it almost impossible to use. Thus causing the car magnet to fly off your vehicle while driving down the road. After a good cleaning, they should also be laid out flat. This helps prevent wrinkles in the magnet, which could cause it to not stick properly to the vehicle.

 While car magnets are basically a business card on the go, they should be eye appealing. They should catch the persons eye, even at fast speeds flying down the highway. Trying to attract a younger audience, then you should use bright colors. Looking for an older crowd, large print would be beneficial to them. As it is easier to read and see. A properly placed image works great too. Got a cleaning business? How about a maid on your car magnet, or a mop and bucket? That lets the consumer see what kind of service you offer, without even reading the content on the magnet.

 Placement should be considered as well. In the middle of the side panel or door on your vehicle is a great place to locate your magnet. If the crowd your intending to see the magnet is children, then a lower placed magnet would benefit them more. Placing a magnet on both sides of the vehicle is also a great choice, as it lets both sides of the road see your advertisement.

 With car magnets being so versatile, and inexpensive, there’s really no reason not to use them for any idea you might have. They will increase your company’s website hits, increase your bottom line, and bring in more clients. They are a better solution to advertising than a car decal, as they are easier to remove. And they are cost effective for any budget. Plus you get the additional advertisement that you wouldn’t normally receive from a business card. Where thousands of people a day will see your car magnet, and all you have to do is drive somewhere.