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Helamnd Public health authorities says in remote areas will provide health facilities to the civilians.

When the Nawa district of Helmand province was under the control of the Taliban, many of the basic projects in this district were destroyed. Now, as the Afghan government has the control of the place, government promises to restore infrastructure in there.

Majority of the people pride the dedication, motivation, enthusiasm and professional act of Afghan National Defense Security Forces in war against Taliban or any other illegal armed militants in the country.

Helmand NDS special force Commander Colonel Esmatullah Feroz said, that Nawa district completely cleared from the Taliban's presence.

Islamic Republic of Afghanistan makes tireless efforts for development of the country and prosperity of all respected people. Recently, 4200 families were provided with electricity by installation of 19 power transformers in the eastern Nangarhar province.

Initial tendency to modernism in poetry can be explored in the 4th and 5th decades of the 20th century in Afghanistan. Despite two-thirds of Afghans can’t read or write, but nearly every shopkeeper, taxi drivers or pigeon flyers can quote and recite appropriate stanza or make up a new couplet of quatrain and ode in different concept.

The Supreme Anti-Corruption Agency wants to record the assets of high grade government employers and all financial officials in Helmand province.

Development activities have recently been accelerated in Nuristan, a mountainous province in the east of the country. Government projects providing construction of roads, hospitals, water and power dams will bring positive changes in people's lives.

An electronic service system was opened for the large taxpayers in Kabul Serena Hotel by Revenue General Department in the presence of Media today 23 August 2017.

The Taliban militants seek to underestimate the Afghan National Defense Security Forces (ANDSF) and use fake propaganda to lie to the Afghan people, saying ANDSF is weak. But ANDSF continued to defeat them and prove that our security forces are capable, well organized, professional, and have strong morale.

Great Moral of ANDSF in line of duty after new US policy announce FMT BGL

Abdul Raziq Asakzai, the police chief of Kandahar province says that from now Taliban should joined peace process or they need to make graves for their selves.

General Raziq The police head of Kandahar 3

The residents of Helmand are pleased that after one-year without them, civilian flights have begun in Helmand.

Boost Airport of Helmand

The residents of Helmand say that the US strategy is beneficial to Afghanistan, and supports it. A number of religious scholars in Helmand say that based on the new strategy, the Taliban will joint with peace process, otherwise they will killed.


Hard stance of ANDSF supported by locals resulted I squashing the activities of enemies of peaceful Afghanistan in different parts of the country.

Koot District Jirga

They learn computer training through HELP's German Institute.

Computer Training for Disabled


The national domestic revenue collections for the first six months of FY-2017 has increased by 9.7% in comparison with the first six months of the FY-2016.

Afghan National Defence and Security Forces together with International Partners endeavor to provide peaceful environment for the people of Afghanistan through suppressing the enemies of peace and humanity.

People appreciate security forces for the ongoing military operations in different parts of the country in order to expand peace and safety nationwide.

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