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On Monday, 21st of August, the European Union (EU) approved a €100 million package to support Afghanistan in carrying out reforms to improve its development policies, maintain macroeconomic stability, advance sound public financial management and strengthen state budget transparency.

Afghans are peace lovers and that is the reason that till now they have never been ruled for longer time.

The Afghan National Defense Security Forces (ANDSF) defeat the coward Taliban militants that blow up bridges, kill innocent people, collect illegal taxes, burn schools or act as their oversea bosses demand them to do.

The acting Defense Minister of Afghanistan, General Tariq Shah Bahrami said that they are working on a four years strategic plan which will solve all the problems of Afghan National Army and that it will increase the equipment level of the Afghan National Army.

Enthusiasm of joining different fields of ANDSF is expanding among the new educated generation of the country.

The Afghanistan Finance Minister; Eklil Ahmad Hakimi has said to Helmand provincial governor (Hayatullah Hayat) that his ministry has assigned 300 million Afghanis for reactivating the Helmand’s Boost Cotton Factory.

Good leadership of Afghan and International community along with enthusiasm of people for supporting the Afghan National Defense Security Forces (ANDSF) and Islamic Republic of Afghanistan went up the number of participants to join service and doubled the number of recruits in the graduation centers of security forces.

According to the information of Khost police headquarter, for the enhancement of literacy within National Police members, a number of programs are under implementation, and dozens of police members received training by now. They are now more capable and educated how to figure out the problems which they face on a daily bases.

Hundreds of religious scholars, Mullahs, elders, influential people, social activists, and teachers vowed to support the Afghan National Defense Security Forces (ANDSF) and local government in a gathering held in Kunduz province.

Afghan National Defence and Security Forces together with International Partners endeavor to provide peaceful environment for the people of Afghanistan through suppressing the enemies of peace and humanity.

People appreciate security forces for the ongoing military operations in different parts of the country in order to expand peace and safety nationwide.

The Helmand Provincial public health director, Doctor Mawladad Tobagar, said that the students have participated to an entrance exam for the admission to Helmand’s health institute.

Afghan security forces conducted a week long operation in Shahjoy district of Zabul province and show their power to insurgents.


Economic experts believe that improvement of security and economy are related factors. Improving the security environment paves the way for development projects that help to improve the economy.

Taliban group in Farah province, suffered heavy casualties and their financial resources including drugs were lost during the operations.
The Farah governor's spokesman, said the ANA, police and NDS staff, in cooperation with NATO forces, were able to have good gains in military operations.

Residents and Local elders of Zabul province says recently life has improved in different sectors and it give them a lot of hopes for a bright future.

Improving Effots in Zabul

In Helmand Province the seminar under the name of conservation and rights of children in Islam started for one day. Sadiqullah  Khaliqi, Director of the of Labor and Social Affairs, said  strives to protect children, through different programs from current threats.

Religious scholars will provide information

During the first fall of Kunduz province to the Taliban, local residents lost everything including Medecins Sans Frontiers (MSF) Kunduz hospital which was completely eliminated in an air strike and at least 50 patients and Doctors were killed and injured.

MSF Hospital Reopened

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