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Peace means a better life


Haji Atta Mohammad (in turban), Chief of the Provincial Peace Council, said peace is the right path to walk on.

The Afghanistan Peace and Reintegration Programme (APRP) was started to encourage insurgents to leave the battlefield and reintegrate back into their communities to support their families and contribute to the development of a stable, peaceful and prosperous Afghanistan.

Most of the insurgents are misguided by their leaders into fighting against their own people. The government of Afghanistan has tasked the High Peace Council to engage with insurgents and convince them to join the peace process.

The hard work that members of the High Peace Council put in at the provincial level has fetched positive results.
Recently, 30 insurgents in the Panjwai district of Kandahar province joined the ranks of thousands of former insurgents who have renounced violence by joining the peace process throughout Afghanistan since the APRP started in 2010.

Led by Mullah Juma Khan and Mullah Saifullah, the group was welcomed by the deputy provincial governor, Qadim Patyal, Chief of the Provincial Peace Council, Haji Atta Mohammad and Panjwai’s district Police Chief, Sultan Mohammad.

“I am very happy that you are going home,” said Deputy Governor Patyal. “This is good news for you, for your families and for the whole of Afghanistan. Together with Afghanistan’s security forces, we can take this country to success.”

Mullah Juma Khan and Mullah Saifullah said they were misguided by the insurgent propaganda. After finding the truth, they will now work for peace and prosperity in Afghanistan.
The thirty men will be helped to assimilate back into their communities by providing them with vocational training. Once equipped with new skills, they can start honourable employment to support their families in peace.

“We always welcome all those who wish to join us in peace,” said Peace Council chief Haji Atta Mohammad. “We always pray for those who have not yet seen the error of their ways that God may guide them to the right path. We want a better life for them. I call on them to stop fighting and to come and join us in a peaceful future.”

The Afghan National Security Forces are strong and professionally equipped to defend the country and provide security to its people. Peace is in the interest of everyone.
“I promise that anyone who stays true to the path of peace has nothing to fear. Our security forces will protect all our people. Peace will prevail,” said Haji Atta Mohammad.