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Drive launched to engage women in peace process


HPCFemale peace negotiators on Saturday launched a nationwide campaign to persuade women to have their say in peace, asking parties to the conflict for a ceasefire.

High Peace Council (HPC) female members say under the campaign -- Women’s Voice for Peace and Ceasefire -- 200,000 females would be handed forms which, after being filled out, would be delivered to the United Nations.
Sara Surkhabi, the council member, told reporters in Kabul the campaign had been launched in central capital and would be extended to all parts of the country. She said they would travel to provinces to ask women to fill out the forms.

She added the HPC had 80 members, including nine women. The HPC-funded campaign would last several days. Surkhabi called women the worst sufferers in conflicts. “Through this campaign, we request all parties to the conflict to cease fire because we want peace.”

HPC secretary Masooma Naeemzai said the drive, having no political motives, was a national process in which all women should participate. She said one of the main objectives was to encourage efforts at peace.
“Via the campaign, we want all parties to the conflict to come to the negotiating table and start peace talks,” she told the press conference at the Ministry of Finance.

Deputy Finance Minister Abdul Raziq Wahidi appreciated the initiative and said women could play a proactive role in bringing peace to the country because they made half of the population.


Source: Pajhwok