Thu, Jun

MoU signed on new admin procedures


MoUThe Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission (IARCSC) on Monday signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with three ministries on improving their performance in delivery of services and eliminating corruption.

The ministries, which signed the MoU, include labour and social affairs, the public health and telecommunications. The Public Health Ministry has been assigned to control the quality of imported food items.
Similarly, the deal requires the Ministry of Telecommunications to implement contracted projects and computerise their forms.

IARCSC Director Ahmad Massoud Tokhi said the MoU would help bring about reforms, replacing old work procedures with improved ones.
He acknowledged government offices lacked standard procedures and as a result, their performance and work quality had been low.

“There are hundreds of procedures which need to be simplified. We will jointly make efforts to make simple the old procedures,” Tokhi added.
Deputy Public Health Minister Abdul Basir Sarwar said the MoU was a positive step towards saving time and combating corruption.

Tokhi said simplified work procedures had already been introduced to ministries of urban development, finance, commerce and industry, agriculture and livestock, water and energy and counternarcotics.


Source: Pajhwok