Thu, Jun

Regional stability linked to peace in Afghanistan


reg-stabilityAfghanistan, Pakistan and Turkey have reaffirmed their joint resolve to continue enhanced cooperation in ensuring sustainable peace in the region and dismantling terrorist hideouts.

At their 8th trilateral summit in Ankara on Thursday evening, President Hamid Karzai Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif President Abdullah Gul discussed joint anti-terror measures and the need for enhanced economic cooperation.
According to a statement from the Presidential Palace, Pakistan and Turkey reiterated their strong support for a united Afghanistan.

The three countries agreed that stability in Afghanistan was directly linked to peace in Afghanistan.
Sharif and Gul renewed their sincere commitment reconciliation in Afghanistan through an Afghan-led process. “Afghanistan today is at a defining moment in its history. This is time for all Afghans to come together, make peace and rebuild their country,” Sharif said.

The region faced formidable challenges, ranging from extremism and terrorism to socio-economic development. Karzai said they had discussed all areas of cooperation, with focus on security and peace in Afghanistan and Pakistan.
Complete transition to Afghan security forces, withdrawal of international troops and presidential elections were taking place in 2014, the president said, hoping his successor would follow the trilateral dialogue process.


Source: Pajhwok