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The hope of elections


the-hope-of-election-1As Afghans anxiously wait for the arrival of the New Year, they are also at a crucial moment for determining the future of Afghanistan. On April 5th the nation will go to the polling stations to decide the best candidate and elect its next president and the provincial council representatives.

This is all happening under the protective gaze of the Afghan National security Forces (ANSF), who are taking full responsibility of the nation’s security and ensuring that these elections are an opportunity for hope.
ANSF and other involved government agencies are tirelessly putting necessary measures in place to provide security for all Afghans so as to cast their votes in the April 5th elections.
In Helmand province, people consider the security as the most important issue for these elections.  The situation is promising, since the residents can lead their normal daily lives without any disruption, and many of them have received their voter registration cards.
ANSF have mobilized all their efforts to assure peace and security for all Afghans.
“We promise our people, that we will do our best in sustaining peace and security during the elections. I want to urge people to go out and cast their vote safely in all election centres in Helmand,” says Helmand Police Commander, General Mohammand Hakim Angar. hope-for-election-2
To have the latest updates about the security around the province, Helmand Deputy Governor Masoom Bakhtwar, regularly visits checkpoints set up by ANSF.  He is happy with the progress and the good work that national forces are doing.
“I respect our ANSF and have full confidence in their ability. They have defeated the enemies of peace in every district, and they stay out there to guard the peace.  Everyone, including myself, can go to polling stations to cast our votes in the elections without any fear. We can trust our soldiers,” Mr Bakhtwar said.
He asked people to use their vote as their power. “I ask every man and woman to vote for a candidate who would bring development in all parts of Afghanistan,” he said. Helmand resident have already shown their will and confidence to vote in the April 5th elections. Thousands of men and women have already registered in the centres around the province. The voter registration is still ongoing and the numbers are increasing. They all want to make a difference in their country and provide a better future for their children in a prosperous Afghanistan.