Tue, Jun

Today’s Afghanistan different: Stagg to Taliban


Sir Richard StaggBritish Ambassador in Kabul Richard Stagg has said the Taliban should realise that today’s Afghanistan is much different from that in the mid-90s when they ruled it.

In a video conference with his Pakistani counterpart in Islamabad, Stagg called on the Taliban to join the peace process.
He also said the Hezb-i-Islami Afghanistan, led by Gulbadin Hekmatyar, was pursuing complex political goals in Afghanistan.

Afghan and Pakistani reporters were present when Stagg stressed improved relations between Kabul and Islamabad in areas of transit trade and power sector.
He said the two countries needed to strengthen joint efforts at countering narcotics, terrorism and making the Afghan-led peace process a success.

The UK envoy also talked about the bilateral security agreement between the US and Afghanistan.
The UK would try to help build trust and better ties between Kabul and Islamabad for the success of Afghan peace process.

Source: Pajhwok