Sun, Jun

Enemies won’t succeed in derailing vote: Karzai


casting-ballot_manCondemning recent high profile terrorist attacks as unsuccessful attempts by Afghanistan’s enemies to derail the April 5 elections, President Hamid Karzai on Tuesday said millions of Afghans would throng polling stations to choose their future political leadership.

In a statement issued from the Presidential Palace, Karzai strongly condemned the attacks on the Independent Election Commission (IEC) office in Kabul, on the New Kabul Bank branch in eastern Kunar and a suicide attack in Kunduz province.

The president said the unsuccessful attempts by the Afghanistan’s enemies were aimed at preventing Afghans’ broader participation in the elections, a vote that would choose a new president and provincial council members.
Karzai insisted the enemies could not stop the Afghans through such terrorist attacks from deciding their future. He said millions of Afghans would go to polling centres and would cast their votes to candidates of their choice.

The president also expressed his condolences to the families of those died and injured in the attacks.


Source: Pajhwok