Sun, Jun

Afghans better prepared to detect fraud: US


State-DepatementAfghans are better prepared to detect election fraud now than they were in the 2009 presidential elections, the United States said on Tuesday.

“They have a much more robust system in place,” State Department Deputy spokesperson Marie Harf told reporters at her daily news conference in Washington DC.

She said the US had called on candidates and all the people participating in the process to encourage their supporters to do so within the bounds of the law.

Afghan security institutions were collaborating with the Independent Election Commission to evaluate which polling stations could be open and to ensure security during the process, she added.

“We obviously play an advisory role here, as we do with Afghan security forces, but they have the lead for this … we’ve also seen an increasing number of Afghans come out in the press very publicly say this is their chance to determine their future.”

The State Department official believed it was Afghans’ duty to do so, as the US hoped the elections would go forward and give the people confidence in whoever they elected to lead them.


Source: PAjhwok