Mon, May

Forces ready to secure runoff polls: MoI


ANP_securingThe Ministry of Interior (MoI) on Tuesday said its personnel would use all available resources in coordination with other security forces to secure the likely second round of elections.

Speaking to journalists in Kabul, MoI spokesperson Siddique Siddiqui, said police would start preparations for the process once the electoral commissions made public the final results. 
He said working groups and committees had been set up to ensure security for polling centres. “Police are required to provide security for various political processes as per the constitution. We have no concern about election security.”

He said the security forces would strive to secure polling centres as listed by the election commission, just like they rose to the challenge on April 5.
The spokesman continued: “International troops have formally offered help in transportation of election materials to various districts. But it doesn’t mean police will have no problems in this respect.”

About the Taliban’s summer offensive, he said: “Usually, the fighters go to their cross-border bases for training and brainwashing in the winter. They receive anti-Afghan training in Pakistan’s seminaries and return in the summer.”
During 53 operations in various provinces in the past week, 275 militants were killed, 147 injured and more than 80 others arrested, the spokesman concluded.