Sun, May

Afghan forces able to secure runoff vote: Azimi


gen-azimiReports indicated attacks from anti-state elements and insurgents backed by regional intelligence networks would increase in the lead-up to and on the polling day scheduled for June 14, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) said on Monday.

Meanwhile, MoD spokesperson Gen. Zahir Azimi told reporters in Kabul the first round of elections had been a vital experience for security forces, especially the Afghan National Army (ANA), to review flaws and fill gaps.

He said public support for security forces in the April 5 elections kept the morale of forces high and the Afghans would support their forces in the runoff ballot as well.

“We don’t take threats easy. Information shows the enemy will step up anti-state activities. The country’s security forces have the ability to thwart evil designs of the enemies of Afghanistan,” he added.

Army crops 111 division commander Gen. Qadam Shah Shahim said security team for the central zone was working to overcome weak points it observed in the previous elections with an eye on the second round.

Afghan forces were fully prepared to provide security during the election in the central zone and they would not allow anyone to disrupt the landmark vote, he said.

Stressing further neutrality on the part of ANA during the democratic exercise, Azimi recalled no complaint had been lodged against army officials in the first round of ballot.

And this time too, he said, army officials would demonstrate the same discipline in compliance with directives from the president and the defence minister. “But if anyone is found guilty will be brought to justice.”