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Wrong believes causes health problems


SCADue to the lack of health awareness among the mothers, wrong believes are causing serious health problems to the newly born children which finally leads to their death.

SCA is creating awareness and educating mothers to take proper care of their newly-birth children in order to keep them away from the health problems which gradually turns a complicated health issue.

Dewa BHC-2

Wrong believes are causing serious health problems

The issue of malnutrition children were noticed during a routine health check-ups in SCA run Dewa Basic Health Center in eastern Laghman province. A mother had brought a child whom was suffering of malnutrition. The mother, when was inquired by the health staff about the child malnutrition, informed that she is not breastfeeding her child.

“If I breastfeed my child, he would get jaundice,” the mother who didn’t want to be named said.

According to her, “her other children were died after birth, so she is keeping away his child from breastfeeding.”

The reply by the mother for not breastfeeding her newly birth child showed lack of awareness of education among the mothers.

Dewa BHC-5

Learning for Healthy Life project is
educating women about the health issues

The health staff in Dewa BHC provided useful information to the woman and motivated her to breastfeed her child. She was also given health tools such as baby cloths, soap and shampoo in order to take care of her child’s hygiene.

The Health Programme of SCA is running of Learning for Healthy Life project, which is educating women about the health issues, and teach them how to keep their children and family healthy, and how to take care of their hygiene.