Thu, Jun

Extraconstitutional actions to impact aid: US


afg-usThe United States on Tuesday warned against extra-constitutional actions by any stakeholders in Afghanistan, saying such a move will have an impact on financial and security support.

“The President and Secretary of State (John) Kerry have both been clear that any extra-constitutional actions that impact the cohesiveness of Afghanistan will cost Afghanistan the financial and security support of the United States,” the State Department deputy spokesperson said.

Marie Harf told reporters: “Obviously, our preference is not to alter any of our assistance, but we’ll watch what happens going forward. We believe there is a path forward here. The audit is progressing, so that’s what needs to happen.”

Powerful lawmaker Ed Royce, chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, too warned against any illegal measures.

“We should not support any extra-constitutional power grab in Afghanistan, especially from members of the Karzai clique. The only acceptable path to power is through the vote of the Afghan people, and I fully support the UN-backed audit process to determine the next legitimate president,” he said.

Although the candidates must still work together and forge a national unity government, it would be foolish to ditch the democratic progress Afghanistan has made. Afghanistan cannot afford to revert to political infighting that would threaten international support and potentially lead to civil war, Royce added.