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The Initial Phase of the Training Program for the Students of Economics Faculty was implemented


MoFThe first phase of the training program that envisioned rising awareness and capacity building  in areas of mutual assistance between MoF and Economics Faculty of Kabul University, and providing the students of Economics Faculty with the opportunities of practical work at the ministry of finance was successfully implemented to 162 students on September 6, 2014.

The initial phase  of the training program consisted of introduction to the Structure of Afghan Government, Structure and Function of MoF and HRMD.
The training programe commenced with the recitation of Holy Quran Followed by the speech of Doctor Sayeed Mohammad Tingar, Director of Economics Faculty, Kabul University. Mr. Sayeed Mohammad said’’ this program is .indeed, a remarkable initiative of MoF towards bridging the students of economics faculty with government as well as different directorates of MoF’’.
Afterwards, the director of Human Resources, Mr.  Alhaj Musa Kamawi delivered his speech. Mr. Alhaj Musa Kamawi stressed the importance of programs that link the students in their final year with the government sector. Mr. Alhaj Musa Kamawi added that we felt the need for the students of economics faculty to be familiar with the government structure especially the structure and function of MoF as well provide opportunities for them to conduct their practical work at the MoF which will help in the transition from being a student to becoming the employees of MoF.  We therefore, initiated this program. ‘’ we believe this program will benefit our students of economics faculty extensively. Mr. Alhaj Kamawi said.
The training program package which will continue once a month for two years as stated in the MoU endorsed by the MoF and Kabul University, consists of rising awareness about Afghan government administrative structure, detailed MoF structure and function, topics related to development of economics, Custom, Revenue, Budget, and Treasury, Management, Leadership in public administration, and Development of CVs. The training program also consists of a three- month practical work at the ministry of finance.
The students of faculty of economics  were very excited, and provided a positive feedback to this initiative. The students said they appreciate this initiative and are looking forward to attending the further phases of the training program eagerly.