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Social media users want promises fulfilled


Afghan-president-Dr.Ashraf-Ghani-AhmadzaiSocial media users, expressing their happiness over the inauguration of the new coalition government, on Monday urged President Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai to stay committed to his promises.

In his inaugural speech, Ghani vowed to eliminate corruption, ensure good governance and improve relations with the international community.
Many Facebook and Twitter users in their comments said they were optimistic the new leadership would focus on its promises, including good governance.
Abul Rab Rassoul Sayyaf-led Dawat-i-Islami partly leader Jamaluddin Badar congratulated the Afghans on the new government’s inauguration in his Facebook message. He hopped there would be peace and stability and unity among the masses.
A Germany-based Afghan journalist Murtaza Rahimi on his Facebook wall wrote that he was happy over the peaceful transition of power in Afghanistan.
Living far from his motherland, he said, his heart beat with his nation. Rahimi hoped the new president would fulfill what promises he had held out to the nation.
Assadullah Khaliz, a prominent civil society activist in the east, welcomed the peaceful political transition of power. On his Facebook wall, the activist demanded reforms in government departments from the newly elected regime.
Mirwais Omerkhel, another civil society worker, in his message on the social media said: “From now on, the President and the Chief Executive Officer are answerable to the Afghan nation.”
Human rights activist Nasrullah Elham in his comments hoped the new government would bring peace and stability to the country.
“The real path to solution is no human losses. (Unfortunately) the philosophy of our sacrifice is blood-shed.”
Former top election officer Ziaul Haq Amarkhel called the new government as a new page (in Afghanistan’s history).
He wrote on his Facebook wall: “Our hope is the day brings along such fundamental changes, which had been long awaited.”
Writer and Kabul University teacher Bakhtiyar Talash urged President Ashraf Ghani to introduce reforms.
However, he complained the new president said nothing about reforms in the higher education sector and bringing at par teaching methods in universities with modern era.
Change and Continuity team member Mohammad Halim Fidaee congratulated the Afghans and said: “The most valuable advice is learning from our past mistakes, weaknesses and experience.”
Besides Facebook, Twitter users also welcomed promises made by the new government towards the nation.