Tue, Jun

In search of experts for Cabinet: Ahmadzai


Ghani-searching-for-CabinetPresident Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai has been looking for expert and competent individuals to appoint them as Cabinet ministers and departmental heads, his office said on Friday.
Ahmadzai told this to journalists who called on him at the Presidential Palace on Thursday evening, a statement from the palace said.

The media representatives praised the new government for measures it took during the past two weeks as unparalleled historical endeavours and voiced their support to the steps.
They vowed to point out problems and play the role of a bridge between the people and the government and would not hesitate to cooperate with the government.
Speaking on the occasion, the president said he was working on the Cabinet and was in search for experienced and eligible individuals to serve as ministers and departmental heads. He would not appoint inexperienced persons on key posts.
The president said media could play a significant role in helping the government to reach out to poor and marginalised segments.
The president assured he would take solid steps to strengthen freedom of press and protect journalists, saying investigative journalism was needed to expose problems and put pressure on the government to resolve them.
He said the media should help the government streamline its affairs. The president also met some foreign journalists and discussed with them the country’s current situation.