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President eyes creation of intellectual centre


president-to-create-intelectual-centrePresident Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai has called upon literary figures to come up with proposals on bringing into being an intellectual centre that works for development of literature as well as theorising identity in archaeology.

Ahmadzai met on Friday evening with a number of literary figures at the Presidential Palace, a statement from the palace said on Saturday.
Prominent writers Ustad Saduddin Shpon and Ustad Asadullah Ghazanfar spoke on behalf of others and congratulated Ahmadzai on his inauguration as president of the country, calling it a good omen.
Shpon urged the president to be careful while naming his ministers. “You became president at a time when the country’s economy, education and culture are on the verge of collapse.”
He proposed the media should be given an exclusive attention so that media organisations could preserve national and Islamic values in line with the Constitution.
Ustad Ghazanfar stressed the need for enabling print media to improve quality instead of quantity.
Ahmadzai assured his effort would be to improve quality of new papers, stressing the need for converting government entities into educational and cultural centres.
He said every university student should learn about Afghanistan’s national and Islamic values and national position.
The president urged the gathering to float proposals on the establishment of an intellectual centre working on archaeological approach to identity and development of literature.
Promising continued such sessions with culturists and literary personalities, the president also sought suggestions on preserving cultural values and facilitating poets and writers.
He would pay special attention to improving Afghanistan’s cultural scenario and would keep open the doors of his office to literary figures and all Afghans.