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Afghan commandos win hearts and minds


Afghan-Commando-1As ISAF’s mission is drawing to a close, the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) have taken the responsibility of securing Afghanistan and its people. ISAF has handed over many of its bases to the ANSF in recent months.

From January 2015, under Resolute Support, the international forces will only be engaged in training, advising and assisting their Afghan counterparts.
Since June this year, when the last phase of security transition from ISAF to ANSF was completed, the Afghan security forces have proved their mettle and professionalism by conducting a number of successful operations against the enemies of peace.
The Afghan Special Forces or commandos have been an integral part of the national security forces during these operations, Brigadier General Besmillah Waziri, Chief of Staff, Commandos and Special Operations, told Sada-e Azadi in an exclusive interview.
“The commandos and Special Forces conducted successful mopping operations against the enemies of Afghanistan in Badakhshan, Kunduz, Logar, Maidan Wardak, Helmand and Ghazni provinces. Our commandos collaborated with regular security personnel to clear these areas of insurgents and destroying their hideouts,” Gen Waziri said.
According to him, the Afghan National Army commandos and Special Forces conducted special operations in order to eliminate the enemies of peace from Afghanistan, and prove to them that the ANSF are capable of providing peace and security to the people of Afghanistan.
“Afghan commandos and Special Forces have been trained and equipped by NATO. They are working hard to achieve the international standards of military prowess,” Gen Waziri said. “Three years ago, our forces were trained by instructors from France, the United States, the United Arab Emirate and Jordan, but now this process is led by Afghan trainers.”
Since the insurgents have no regard for civilians’ life, they use them as shields. But Afghan security personnel have sworn to protect the life and property of Afghan citizens, he said.Afghan-Comando-2
According to him, his men work in collaboration with the Afghan Special Mission Wing-777. “In this mission,” he said, “our international colleagues support us in evacuating the wounded.”
Afghan commandos and Special Forces, particularly those deployed in rural areas, keep good relations with local residents, he said.
“We listen to their problems, and pass the information on to the Ministries of Rural Rehabilitation and Development, Public Health, Education and Agriculture so that their line departments bring development projects to these areas,” Gen Waziri said.
In return, Afghans praise and cooperate with their national security forces because they bring peace and stability to them.