Thu, Sep

Panel for implementing UN proposals on rights meets


penal-meetingThe Inter-Institutional Coordination Committee (IICC) on Monday held its maiden meeting in Kabul to discuss the implementation of UN’s recommendations on human rights.

Last year, the Council of Ministers approved the UN recommendations on human rights protection in Afghanistan and agreed to form a committee to properly implement the proposals.

Syed Yusuf Halim, acting Justice Minister, said the committee had been formed to ensure that the UN recommendations were fully enforced.

The committee would underline proper ways how to implement these recommendations besides focusing on improved coordination among government agencies regarding human rights protection, he said.

The acting minister cited a lack of inter-institutional coordination and awareness as reasons behind the poor human rights situation in the country.

Sakhi Dad, Human Rights director at the Ministry of Justice, said the UN had been extending support to Afghanistan through the ministry for human rights protection.

He said the UN had so far floated 400 recommendations to the Afghanistan government about 28 different issues concerning human rights.

Abdul Wahid Hidayat, an official at the Justice Ministry, said UN officials had stressed transparency in the committee’s activities.

Earlier, multiple human rights organizations had objected to the government of Afghanistan for giving little attention to human rights issues.