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HOOAC registers assets of President Ghani, CEO Abdullah


The High Office of Oversight and Anti-Corruption (HOOAC) on Sunday announced lists of assets of President Ashraf Ghani and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Abdullah.

Assets of the president and First Lady Rula Ghani were put at 320 million afghanis (nearly $4.7 million) and Abdullah at 10 million afs (over $153,000).

Last week, the anti-graft watchdog started the process of registering the assets of some high-ranking government officials, HOOAC head Syed Ghulam Hussain Fakhri told Pajhwok Afghan News.

The anti-graft watchdog has also listed the properties and bank balances of 2nd Vice-President Sarwar Danish and Special Representative for Reform and Good Governance Ahmad Zia Massoud.

Joint possessions of Ghani and his wife worked out at 320 million afghanis (nearly $4.7 million) in Lebanon and the US. The assets include the jewelry of Rula Ghani gifted by her father in 1970 worth nearly 3.1 million.

A two-acre house, whose value is estimated at 350 million afs, in the Darul Aman neighbourhood of Kabul belongs to Ghani, whose spouse owns an apartment in Washington, costing 22 million afs.

Their joint bank balance is more than $71,000. The president also had six vehicles worth more than 102 million afs, the anti-corruption body declared.

Ghani and his wife have 7,000 books valued at 1.2 million afs stored in Kabul and Beirut, the capital of Lebanon. Ghani owns 610 acres of land in Kabul and Logar provinces, while Rula, her sister and two brothers have 30 acres of land in Lebanon. The cost of their properties ranges between 320 million afs and 640 million afs.

Ghani is a member of a research company, with shares valued at 4.5 million afs, the office said on the basis of the asset form filled out by the president, who also draws 266,000 afs (nearly $4,000) in monthly retirement allowance from the World Bank and 487,000 afs (more than $7,000) privileges from the Afghan government.

The first lady also receives 165,000 afs (more than $2,400) in monthly rent for her apartment in the US, according to the anti-corruption office, which asked people for information regarding unregistered presidential wealth and properties.

According to the HOOAC, transferable assets of Dr. Abdullah amount to 10 million afs (more than $153,000). The ex-foreign minister has a balance of $7,000 in the Bank Al-Falah branch in Kabul.

His four children and wife live in India, where the education expenditure of his sons is between 30,000 rupees (nearly $460) and 35,000 INR ($530). His family spends Rs100, 000 ($1500) on house rent per month. The monthly expense of his family is Rs60,000 ($930), with water and electricity bills amounting to Rs8,000 per month.

He has two gold watches, which had been gifted, worth 450,000 afs and 430,000 afs. His wife has gold accounting for 500,000 afs, Abdulla wrote regarding her jewelry.

The CEO also owns a house in the Karta-i-Parwan locality of Kabul and half acre of land in Paghman district registered in his wife’s name. He has a garden in Paghman and a guesthouse in Panjsher.

Abdullah says he has no other source of income except the 298,000 afs monthly salary and 100,000 afs expenses.

The watchdog said the process of asset registration was going on, seeking cooperation from top government officials in declaring their assets and registering them in a transparent way.