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Celebration of International Children’s Day


Child-international-dayThe Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD) celebrated the International Children’s Day on 31st May, matching 11th of Jawza at the ministry’s kindergarten.

The ceremony was attended by Mr. Ahmad Shahir Shahriar, Deputy Minister for Programmes of the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development, several women employees, mentors and kindergarten children.

Besides congratulating international children day to Afghan and world children, Deputy Minister Shahriar said, “Children are the future-builder of our country; along with provision of breeding facilities we should pay attention to them and provide them a secure environment.”

He also said that one of the important responsibilities of kindergartens is to familiarize children with the norms and values of the community and teach them social behavior and reveal their hidden talents.

“Children in kindergarten are taught acceptable behavior in society. Children who pass their childhood in kindergarten, they can communicate with their environment easily and face less problems in social connections.” Deputy Minister for Programmes added.

At the end of the ceremony children song was sing and the gifts were distributed to the children.