Fri, Oct

The peace caravan arrived in Herat with the slogan, war is enough, we want peace!


The peace caravan, with the slogan “war is enough, we want peace!" arrived to Herat on Friday after going over to the various provinces of the country for petitioning for peace and ceasefire.

"We have raised our voice for peace, our desire is for peace and ceasefire, We ask the Taliban to stop the war and announce the ceasefire as soon as possible, said Wakil Ahmed, a member of Popular Peace Movement. "

Another member of the peace caravan, Raaz Mohammed, said: "An attack that recently hit security forces in Maidan Wardak, killed Afghans. The Taliban have not shown us a green light so far, but we continue to march for reaching ceasefire as soon as possible. "

"We are going to stay in Herat for a few days and we will talk to different part of society, Our request for the Herat brothers is to raise their voice with us for peace and ceasefire, said Aminullah Wardak, another member of the Popular Peace Leadership Council. "

A Herat citizen, Arash who accompanied the peace caravan said:” "We support the peace popular movement, and we call on the Taliban to stop bleeding and killing their brothers, How long do you continue war and killings!?”

At the end, the Peoples Movement's resolution was read out. The resolution says: "The Taliban should stop their deadly attacks and sit down at the negotiating table. The Taliban must accept the demands of popular peace movement, as the government of Afghanistan and international community have accepted it. “Herat’s civil society also called for a ceasefire in a resolution.

Peoples' Peace Movement began earlier this year from Helmand. The members of the caravan traveled 750 kilometers to Kabul on foot and then went to the provinces of Khost, Wardak, Paktia, Paktika, Kunduz, Uruzgan and Balkh, and now they came to Herat to transfer peace and ceasefire messages to the homes of Afghans.