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Prison for drug traffickers inaugurated


trafficker-prisonA detention centre for drug traffickers was constructed at the Ministry of Counter-Narcotics with the financial support of America and handed over to Afghan officials on Monday.


The newly-inaugurated detention, having capacity for 300 inmates, was constructed by the Bureau for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL).
The two-storey building with 53 rooms, a clinic, a pharmacy and other facilities has been constructed at the Criminal Justice Task Force (CJTF) of the ministry.

Career Ambassador in the United States Foreign Service and current Assistant Secretary of State for INL Bureau, William R. Brownfield, handed prison keys to Afghan officials.
“This key is not only the key to a prison, but it is also the key to Afghanistan’s future,” the visiting diplomat said, adding the CJTF could help Afghanistan in dealing with drug smugglers.

A detention centre with capacity for 50 inmates already exists at the ministry.
General Director of Prisons Maj. Gen. Abdul Alim Kohistani welcomed America’s support and said they had problem with the capacity of the old detention centre. The construction of the new building would resolve the problem, he hoped.

“We treat legally all inmates and no relative of the detainees should feel worried,” he said, adding 29,000 inmates including 8,000 drug traffickers were currently being held across the country

Source Pajhwok