Thu, Sep

National unity govt only remedy, says Spanta


spantaNational Security Advisor Dr. Rangin Dadfar Spanta on Tuesday called a national unity government the only solution to current political problems of the country.

The election process ran into a deadlock after Dr. Abdullah Abdullah blamed his rival Dr. Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai’s team for rigging and boycotted the electoral bodies. 
But US Secretary of State John Kerry resolved the stalemate during his two-day visit to Kabul, convincing both candidates to agree on the audit of all ballots and establishment of a national unity government.  
Based on the agreement between the runners, the person who secures more votes will be president and the loser or his nominee will serve as chief executive, according to Spanta. 
“There is an agreement on the legal powers of the chief executive, and will be handled under the constitution,” Spanta said during a meeting in Kabul.
Dr. Spanta said based on the agreement, the constitution would be amended in two years to pave the way for a government of unity. The present political system is presidential. 
 “We hope during the next two years, there will be a nationwide debate on changes to constitution; the amendments will be made under the supervision of experts,” he continued.  
The experts would assess flaws and imperfections in the law and bring needed reforms to it, Spanta said, hoping all democratic values and human rights would be protected as part of the reforms.  
He emphasised on strengthening national unity, warning some tribal factors could be dangerous to Afghanistan. Future political leaders should address the problems, the advisor concluded.