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Focus on Afghanistan undiluted: State Dept


the white house

The Obama administration on Wednesday said there had been no diversion or dilution of its attention on Afghanistan in the wake of the US launching an offensive against the ISIL terrorists in Iraq and Syria.

“We are very focused on what our post-2014 presence will look like, on what that relationship will be, but it is still something that we are very committed to,” the State Department deputy spokesperson said.
Marie Harf told reporters at her daily news conference, bviously, the US remained focused on the situation in Afghanistan. Indeed, it was a key topic of discussion at the latest NATO summit along with ISIL and Ukraine, she added.
Washington would continue to engage with the Afghan presidential candidates at the highest level, Harf said, adding Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan Dan Feldman was in Kabul to support the electoral process.
“We have urged both candidates to abide by their commitments to form a government of national unity as soon as possible. The audit process is still ongoing, but obviously, we think this should happen as soon as it can do so,” she said.

Harf said Dr Abdullah Abdullah and Ashraf Ghani had pledged to respect the results of the audit and to work together to form a national unity government that helps secure the stability and prosperity of their country.
“That’s what they’ve pledged to and what we want to see them do at the end of this process,” she concluded.