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Karzai links progress to global support



Afghanistan's progress in political, economic and social areas over the past 13 years would have been impossible without consisted support from the international community, President Hamid Karzai said on Saturday.

At a meeting with members of the diplomatic corps at the Presidential Palace in Kabul, the outgoing leader said consistent aid from the global fraternity and its presence in Afghanistan would be remembered in the country’s history.In a statement from his office, Karzai said: "In fact, Afghanistan's progress in the political, economic and social domain has been the desire of the people. Certainly, this progress was impossible without foreign support. While bowing out, I would like to thank you on behalf of the Afghan people.”Afghan children are currently in school, roads have been rebuilt and ample progress made in the health sector with the support of the international community, the president noted.However, he regretted the Afghans were still struggling with some problems, including violence. They wanted to live in an atmosphere of peace and amity, he explained, seeking global support for the reconciliation drive.“I feel certain you will continue to cooperate with Afghanistan in achieving permanent peace. With your support, the new president will ensure the security of Afghan people,” he told the audience, including US, Canadian, Indian, Chinese, Tajik and EU ambassadors. Speaking on the occasion, the foreign diplomats acknowledged the presidential role in fostering national unity and putting Afghanistan on the road to progress during his tenure. They particularly lauded the headway made in political, security, economic, educational, women's rights areas.The diplomats promised their countries would help sustain peace and stability and reconstruction of Afghanistan.Karzai said his discussion with world leaders were characterised by both friendly and testy exchanges, but such frank meetings were reflective of close relations and sincerity.