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No safe havens for terrorists in Afghanistan: Campbell



NATO’s top commander in Afghanistan US General John Campbell on Wednesday insisted on jointly countering terrorism and hoped the international community would continue cooperating with Kabul.

Campbell expressed these views during a meeting with Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Abdullah Abdullah, a statement from the latter’s office said.The NATO commander said they would not allow Afghanistan to become a terrorist safe haven again, urging the unity government to intensify its efforts for countering terrorism.But in an interview to The Hill, Campbell said he was “worried” about terrorists making a comeback unless the US and Afghan forces kept pressure on them.Campbell avoided giving a definitive answer when asked directly about whether Afghanistan could again become a terrorist safe haven.In the interview, the general said the United States still had two years to build the capability of Afghan forces, even as American troops continue to withdraw“We have significantly degraded the Al Qaeda capability, but we believe if we don’t keep pressure on that, it’s only a matter of time — it will be able to grow very quickly,” Campbell continued.In the statement from Abdullah’s office, Gen. Campbell welcomed the introduction of cabinet and called it a positive development.He hoped a number of problems and challenges would be addressed once the cabinet started working.Abdullah and Campbell discussed the current security situation in Afghanistan, with the CEO promising to utilise all available resources for providing security to citizens.“Bringing into being a strong administration and serving the masses are among our priorities,” said Abdullah, who vowed to work together with the international community towards bringing peace and stability to the region.

Source: Pajhwok