Fri, Oct

No Insurgent Hideouts Left in Sangin: ANA


ana-comando-02All insurgent hideouts were destroyed during the Zulfiqar military operation which ended a week ago in Sangin district, southern Helmand, said the Afghan National Army (ANA) operation's commander Hamid Saifi.

The anti-insurgent operation, which was carried out over a period of almost two months, resulted in a heavy casualty toll for the Taliban, Saifi stated.

He said that during the operation, ANA forces neutralized more than 2,000 landmines, and killed more than 200 insurgents.

"A top Taliban commander who was fighting here was also killed during the operation," Saifi said, who also leads the 6th ANA Battalion.

Meanwhile, residents in Sangin have asked the government to make sure the area is secure and to prevent the return of militants.

"We want peace and security," a resident of Sangin told TOLOnews. "War has destroyed everything here."

The residents accused the Taliban of setting their mosques and schools on fire which prevented their children from attending school.

But some MPs from Helmand have claimed that the operation left many civilian homes destroyed, and also resulted in heavy financial losses for civilian residents.

However, Zulfiqar was the biggest independent operation carried out by the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) since taking over the responsibility of security from NATO troops at the end of last year.