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A two day Workshop on Environmental Impact of Coal Mining Conducted in Pol-e- Khomri City



The North Coal Enterprises Reform Project contract holder (UNICON Ltd.) in close coordination with the Sustainable Development of Natural Resources Project (SDNRP II) of the World Bank.

On the first of June, 2015, in anticipation of World’s forthcoming “ENVIRONMENT DAY”, a presentation was given by UNICON team members to the senior staff and engineers of the Northern Coal Enterprise on the subject of “THE ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT OF COAL MINING IN AFGHANISTAN”.Mr. Abas Erfan Technical Assistance of the NCE and sixteen senior engineer of NCE participated in this workshop, which was conducted by Prof. Naqshband Naseri Environmental Consultant of UNICON, Mr. Bob Austin Team leader of NCE Reform Project of UNICON, Mr. Ashraf Nasiri Individual Consultant of UNICON.After an introductory session and recitation of Holy Quran, the workshop was formally inaugurated by Mr. Bob Austin Team Leader of NCE Reform Project of UNICON.In his speech he added the presentation was introduced by illustrating the critical importance of protecting the environment.It was highlighted that, while many millions of stars are known to exist in this universe, and many tens of millions of planets are believed to orbit those stars, this Earth - on which all people must live - is the only place among those many millions of possible places in which humanity can thrive.There is no other place to which humanity can flee if we despoil the Earth that has nurtured them.All peoples must share this precious resource that Earth provides for human-kind. The people of today have a duty-of-care, not only for themselves, but also for their children and the generations yet to be born.To care for, and to protect, the environment which sustains them is a duty that all men must embrace and actively pursue: Not simply for today, but as the inheritance of tomorrow.Prof. Naseri then explained the proposed content of the workshop, highlighting how to enhance knowledge and skills for establishing and maintaining a better environment workplace for Coal Mines.  At the end of the workshop, Eng. Yousuf Health and Safety Manager of NCE on behalf of all participants welcomed UNICON’s commitment of arranging such workshops, saying that such workshops are important for the NCE staff and will create more awareness on environmental issues in the coal mines. He also kindly requested from MoMP to broaden the capacity building program by offering at least one study tour to outside of Afghanistan to see really modern mining. He ended his speech with appreciativeness words to UNICON Company for facilitating such workshop.