Fri, Sep

Kabul Residents Want Fun Places For Winter


parksKabul residents on Friday called for indoor venues to be established where they can have fun in winter with their families.

The Kabul Zoo is the only place that Kabul residents visit with their families on their weekends, but it does not have any indoor facilities for visitors, especially children.

"Today we came to Kabul Zoo. There is no proper place for entertainment during winter. The people do not have other alternatives to spend their off days with their families and children," said Ehsanullah, a Kabul resident.
Ghulabuddin Ghubar, a TOLOnews reporter, said there are a number of fun places in Kabul but they are not suitable during winter.

"There is no indoor winter fun place in Kabul. The available places in Kabul are not good for children and families," said Rafi, another resident of Kabul.
"There should be indoor fun places for children in winter in order to enable them spend a good time there," said Daud, a young resident of the city.