Mon, Jun

Senior ISIS leader arrested in Jalalabad city


A senior leader of the loyalists of Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terrorist group was arrested in Jalalabad city, the provincial capital of eastern Nangarhar province.

ISIS-arrestedThe provincial police commandment in a statement said the senior ISIS leader was among at least 12 militants arrested by the special forces of the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF).
The statement further added that the ISIS leader was actively involved in recruitment of militants for the terror group and was arrested along with seven others from the vicinity of the 1st police district of Jalalabad city.
The Afghan forces also arrested two others from the vicinity of 3rd police district of Jalalabad city for having links with the ISIS loyalists.
The police commandment said a senior Taliban leader was also arrested from Mawlavi Khas Family area of the city.
The Taliban leader was also involved in recruitment of militants for the group and a Ak-47 rifle, 4 magazines of Ak-47, one computer, and a binocular was confiscated from him, the statement added.