Mon, Jun

A security gathering attended in Nangarhar


A security gathering attended by tribal elders, members of parliament and security was held to improve cooperation between local people and accelerate security forces efforts in fighting against terrorist groups in the east.

NGR security gathering on Anti Daesh Operations


ANDSF leaders in Nangarhar said they will not hesitate to pursue and punish any group that poses a threat to our people, no matter where they try to hide.

General Mohammad Zaman Waziri, Commander of 201 Selab Corps, insisted that Daesh militants faced heavy defeats in Kot, Achin, Chaparhar and Pachir Agam districts and they fled to the mountains of Tora Bora in order to regroup, but General said security forces will suppress them there too.

“Momand Dara valley and Oghoz are more complicated geographies than Tora Bora, but Daesh were suppressed there as result of unity between the people and security forces. Security Forces are going after Taliban, Daesh and other enemies around Tora Bora. They will not take breath of rest in any part of the country,” affirmed General Waziri.

Police Chief of Nangarhar, General Abdul Rahman Rahimi, insisted that all preparations have been made to quash Daesh in Tora Bora. He added, “I can reassure you that Daesh have been hunted. They go different areas to escape from security forces and regroup. However, well equipped security forces while having high morale and better coordination are committed to hunt them down anywhere they appear.”

He added, “Protection of our people’s lives and possessions is everything for us. We will sacrifice ourselves to give freedom to our respected people from brutalities of Daesh and Taliban.”

Acting Provincial Governor of Nangarhar Mohammad Alam Esaqzai called upon locals to help their security forces to ensure security in their areas.

He told the people, “Security forces are capable to defeat these groups. Your cooperation gives them more strength and makes their efforts more fruitful. These militants groups will be defeated like they were defeated in other parts of Nangarhar.”

Representative of Nangarhar in Lower House Hajji Abdul Zahir Qadir promised that the strongest of efforts will be made to bring government and locals closer together. He remarked, “We are going to improve coordination and cooperation between people and security organs in order to make joint efforts for defeating militant groups. In the first step, opportunities will be made for local protection forces. In the second step, member of the local protection groups will be employed in the local police.”

Tribal elders of Pachir Agam and other parts of Nangarhar renewed their commitments to stand with security forces to safeguard security in their areas.

One of the tribal elders said, “The security forces will support us and we will support them. Inshallah together we will suppress the enemies. It is our joint responsibility. We are united in fighting against the enemies of our country and people.”