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Roads and bridges for all Afghans


Government construction crews have been hard at work paving roads and building bridges across Afghanistan, providing jobs and convenient transportation routes for thousands of people.

KST paving roads


Over the course of 1396, the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has planned for the construction of 705 kilometers of roads and 1,691 meters of bridges.

These roads and bridges allow local farmers to bring produce to market quickly, children to attend schools and families to bring sick relatives to health care facilities.

After the inauguration of a project to pave a two-kilometer road in a Mazar-e Sharif industrial park in northern Balkh province, a local resident, Akbar, expressed his appreciation for the government’s work.

“I am very happy, because this road will be paved and our transportation challenges will be solved after the completion of this project,” he said. “I really thank our government officials, who do their best to bring us infrastructure like roads, schools and hospitals.”

In the eastern part of the country, in Khost province, the government invested 95 million Afghanis to construct a 120-meter-long bridge that will open transportation routes between dozens of rural villages and expand access to services available in the capital city center.

Khost resident Anwer Afghan Mal explained to Sada-e Azadi magazine why the new bridge, and others like it around the country, is so important for local people.

“Previously, traders had some difficulties getting their goods to market, but this bridge enables them to get their produce to market before it spoils,” he said. “It also helps students get to school and allows families to take their sick to doctors and clinics.”