Sat, Aug

Honey bees distributed in Khost


The officials of CARD-F program said that they have made 100 honey bees farms which will produce 30 thousands kilos honey in one year. These farms will increase income for farmers, and also produce quality honey for KST residents.

Khost honey bees 1

Aslam Hasand chief of honey bees’ farms in CARD-F said each farm has the capacity of 30 thousands kilos of honey in one year and the farmers will get 12 million Afghani incomes from them. He said about 200 jobs will become available with these farms, and many others will indirectly get job opportunities relating to this honey production.

Local farmers are happy and thanked the CARD-F program for improving their personal opportunities, and for increasing job opportunities for many others.

Residents of KST also expressed appreciation that the farms will bring them good quality honey.