Sat, Aug

Law for all


A campaign was launched with special instructions from commander in chief of police of Khost province, General Faizullah Ghairat, for maintaining public order, prevention of illegal activities and for cleaning up the tinted windows and removing of illegal antennas from cars and collecting weapons from irresponsible armed men in different parts and intersections of the Khost city. 

Khost police pictures 4

During this campaign the tinted windows of 90 cars were cleaned up and tens of those antennas which were illegally installed on cars were collected. And dozens pieces of different weapons were collected from irresponsible persons who didn’t have legal documents.

The commander in chief of police Faizullah Ghairat said, “The campaign is successfully progressing. It has started with the tinted windows cars, irresponsible armed men and other persons who are disobeying the law. These kinds of activities disturb people and provide opportunity for terrorist to carry on their activities”.

The commander in chief added that the law will be equally implemented and he assured people of Khost that the security forces will never feel exhausted for tightening public order and security and they will prevent every illegal activity.

In the same time citizens of Khost city praise and appreciate this work of the police; if the law is implemented fully and equally then all unfair acts will be prevented.

Noor Nawaz, a resident of Khost city, says regarding police operation, “I appreciate this work of police; law is for all and need to be implemented for all. If individuals or group of people have weapons in city, if people drive tinted windows cars in the city, it disturbs people. All of these illegal activities have to be prevented”.

Khost is a city of peace, stability and security where people and government jointly work for the town. People greatly stand with security forces and together certainly do their best for a peaceful Afghanistan.