Sat, Aug

The Helmand Boost Cotton factory will be reactivated


The Afghanistan Finance Minister; Eklil Ahmad Hakimi has said to Helmand provincial governor (Hayatullah Hayat) that his ministry has assigned 300 million Afghanis for reactivating the Helmand’s Boost Cotton Factory.

HMD Photo The Officer of Boost Factory Muhammad Wazir Khan

Ataullah Afghan a member of Helmand provincial council said cotton can be a good replacement of poppy and on the other hand, the farmers’ financial means can be improved as well.

Large numbers of youths are jobless so with reactivating of the factory, educated youths get jobs there and the youths across the districts will be busy of growing and collecting cotton which will be very good he said.

He added that the more money government spend on repairing the factory, the most useful will that be for Helmand and will decrease unemployment.

Khalilurrahman a resident of Lashkar Gah said: “I have graduated from university and I learned about agriculture so once the Boost Factory become active, I can apply for a job and as far as I know there are jobs for hundreds of people in this factory. 

The Helmand governor’s spokesman Omar Zowak said there are some development projects that will be implemented in Helmand province and this is a good news. By starting this factory, the Helmand people will no longer buy soap, cooking oil and cotton from other parts of the country. He added that this factory can produce enough things for local population.