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Government projects will improve health and life for Nuristan residents


Development activities have recently been accelerated in Nuristan, a mountainous province in the east of the country. Government projects providing construction of roads, hospitals, water and power dams will bring positive changes in people's lives.

Nuristan governor, Hafiz Abdul Qayoum, explained more about those particular projects:

“Following the construction of the hospital, patients can be treated there, instead of needing to visit other provinces for treatment,” he shared.

According to Qayoum, construction of the power would provide electricity for thousands of families, government departments and small factories.

Funded by the Afghanistan Breshna Sharkat (ABS), the Nuristan power dam should be completed within the next two months and should generate two megawatts of electricity. 

Cconstruction on the provincial hospital is ongoing and covers five acres of land allotted by locals. The hospital will have 50 beds and construction should conclude in near future.

Authorities say locals are committed to assisting the government in provision of security for these projects.