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Electricity is vital factor for development


Islamic Republic of Afghanistan makes tireless efforts for development of the country and prosperity of all respected people. Recently, 4200 families were provided with electricity by installation of 19 power transformers in the eastern Nangarhar province.

6 NGR inauguration of power project people appreciate 1st PD


While inaugurating the project, Minister of Water and Energy Ali Ahmad Osmani told media that the 4.5 megawatts of electricity transformed from Naghlo Power dam by 84 km matters line.

He said, “It is a merciful moment, we implemented project which cost 2 million US dollars that will lighten about 4200 houses of inhabitants of 1st PD of Jalalabad city.”

Mr. Osmani informed that there are great plans in hand for expanding access to electricity nationwide.

He also said, “Reconstruction of Daronta power dam is ongoing. Survey of designing of a power dam in Kama district has been completed and the construction activities will start in the near future. 40 megawatts of electricity is going to be provided to Hesarshahi Industrial Park in Nangarhar. These are the plans to increase the access of people to electricity in Nangarhar.”

Provincial Governor of Nangarhar Mohammad Gulab Mangal reassured government endeavour to provide electricity which is vitally important factor for development to all people.

He said, “By increase of power, opportunities are provided for investment by rich countrymen. It also helps to increase the number of factories and people access to technology is enhancing. These are vital factors for development in all sectors.”

Tens of residents of 1st PD gathered in order to appreciate government for the important service.

Religious cleric from 1st PD Mohammadullah Rasuli appreciated government for implementation of substantial projects for prosperity of people. He said, “Nangarhar is one of the warmest provinces in summer. Without having electricity, there are a lot of problems for people. How much electricity is expanding that much life is getting better.”

Another resident of Jalalabad Rahimullah is happy for having electricity at home this year. He said, “We were having generator electricity but it was expensive and short term. Children were getting sick and we didn’t have good sleep at night. Now, I am delighted for having 24 hours electricity at home.”

An economic expert Sajaudin Nikmal applauded the government plans for economic empowerment and prosperity of Afghans.

He said, “Government efforts have been accelerated recently in construction of new power dams, roads, bridges, irrigation canals and other infrastructures. The government programs and practical steps made me optimistic for development of Afghanistan.”