Sun, Sep

Improved security in Kamah district of Nangarhar


Afghans are tired of insecurities and thirsty for a peaceful and prosperous life in order to perform their daily duties without any problem. Kamah is one of the secure districts of the eastern Nangarhar province where locals enjoy a peaceful life as a result of being cooperative with their government and security forces.

Most people of Kamah are engaged in agriculture, livestock, handcrafts and other business. It is a populated district located in east of Nangarhar, 22 km from the capital Jalalabad city.
Kamah District Chief Ataurahman Hadawal stated that all parts of the district are having good security and no incident occurred in the past six months. He appreciated the locals for continuation of effective support in ensuring peace and security. “Residents of other districts should see this district as an example and help the government in their area for better security.”
Mr. Hadawal also said that improved economy, education and health services in the district are due to good security. “In the area where there is good security, Islamic Republic of Afghanistan can work effectively for the prosperity of its people.”
A tribal elder of Kamah, Sadiq insisted that locals helped in ensuring security for the benefit of themselves. He said, “We will continue to cooperate with the government and to be united against those deteriorating security. How long we have good security, we will be able to work for providing good life for ourselves and for our next generations.”