Tue, Oct

Taliban leader involved in Kunduz city attacks has been killed


A top Taliban leader who was involved in major attacks on the strategic Kunduz city has been killed, the local security officials said Sunday.

According to the local security officials, Mullah Abdul Salam was killed along with his eleven fighters in an airstrike conducted by the foreign forces in Dasht-e-Archi district.
A spokesman for Afghan National Police’s 808th Spinzar Zone in northeastern parts of the country, Mahfoozullah Akbari, confirmed the death of Mullah Abdul Salam and the other insurgents.
He said another senior Taliban leader Qari Amin who was appointed as district chief by the group was also among those killed.
The officials are saying that Mullah Abdul Salam had a key role in the collapse of Kunduz city besides he plotted numerous other attacks in this province.
Taliban has confirmed death of Mullah Abdul Salam.