Tue, Sep

Afghan forces thwart militants Nowruz attacks plan in Balkh


The Afghan security forces have thwarted a plan by the anti-government armed militant groups to carry out a series of attacks in northern Baghlan province, specifically during the Nowruz days.

Local security officials in northern Baghlan province said several heavy and light weapons were confiscated as the militants were looking to transfer them to Balkh for the attacks.
Provincial counter-narcotics chief General Zamanuddin Zaman told reporters in Baghlan that the weapons were confiscated by the counter-narcotics forces during a search operation on the highway going towards Balkh province.
He said four RPG launchers, a PKM heavy machine gun, and 35 AK-47 assault rifles were confiscated and an individual was arrested in connection to the smuggle of the weapons.
He said the weapons were placed inside a mini truck and was on its way from southeaster Khost province to northern Balkh province when it was identified and the weapons were seized.
According to Gen. Zaman, the militants were looking to destabilize the northern Balkh province by carrying out a series of attacks, specifically during the Nowruz days when hundreds of thousands of people are visiting the province for Gul-e-Surkh picnic.