Fri, Oct

KDZ - Interview with LTC Kamawal


1. Please can you kindly introduce yourself for audience of Sada-e-Azadi?
My name is Lt. Col. Shir Aziz Kamawal the 808 Spinzar zone commander and servant of people and country.

2. Can you kindly tell us about security situation in Kunduz?
Security situation in Kunduz is stable and well maintained. It is because that yours sons (security forces) are putting their lives in danger with the aim to provide better environment as the real servants of Islam and people of Afghanistan by defending our borders and the sovereignty of Afghanistan.
3. What was the result of Pamir 05 Operation in Kunduz?
To answer your question, the outcome of Pamir fifth operation is so wide. Due to the military security, I can’t go deeply into it, but I can add this much for you; the nest of Taliban was demolished in Hazrat-e-Sultan. Top Taliban militants killed. Two main bases inaugurated in Boz-e-Alchain that one refers to ANP and next one to ANA. Roads and paths blocked as insurgents used those in the past and a program is under go to target their weaker points and deal with fake propaganda of insurgents on a wider level.
4. How is the morale of ANDSF fighting against disruptive groups in Kunduz?
The morale of security forces is great against the disruptive groups in Kunduz. Our personnel are professional, well trained, well equipped, patriotic, Muslim, defenders of Islam and the people and well educated. The Taliban, or any other disruptive groups, spread propaganda lying of their victories and shelter behind civilians. Theirs is not a winning situation. Instead, they are cowardly acts by those that endanger the security and safety of civilians, however, with professional actions and bravery, the ANDSF are defeating those enemies and saving the lives of our civilians by sending them to the afterlife. We are the most elite force in the region.
5. How can security forces defeat Taliban since they shelter behind civilians? How can ANDSF overcome of these challenges and save lives of those locals?
These are good questions. Taliban are a fake group who call themselves freedom fighters and are not more than criminal group who have no values, honor in life or respect the custom of Islam or the Afghan people. Instead they are trained to kill and destroy Afghanistan. In response and fortunately, the ANDSF, with help of international community, have elite Commandos, Special Forces, Air Force as well as other units that catch those rats and sent them to afterlife, all the while executing operations focused on protecting and saving the lives of civilians. Our Commandos and Special Force are unique in the Middle East. Killing or detaining those militants are like having a cup of tea for them.

6. What impact do night-raid operations have in Kunduz or elsewhere?
Night-raid operations are so precise and unique operation that elite personnel directly descend into a zone of militants and right after demolishing their targets, they exit the area to limit fighting or injuring unknown civilians. Taliban have so much fear from night-raid operations, don’t ask, since they know this fact that they can’t fight ANDSF face to face. It is their old and traditional tactics to spread fake propaganda to disrupt ideas and create dismay among people. Otherwise, they are nothing. If they call themselves brave, then why do they all die and our brave personnel come out of the fight alive? This point itself shows strength of ANDSF and weakness of Taliban.
7. Taliban militants called themselves freedom fighter while ANDSF infidels, what do you think of this issue?
ANDSF are Muslim. They pray five times and never force anyone to cook them food, collect illegal taxes, take daughters or dignity from families, mistranslate the verses of holy Quran, kill innocent people, blow up bridges, shut school doors or do other criminal act for happiness for their bosses as the Taliban are committing. We do not even kill those enemies who surrender, since Islam forbid killing and we invite them to peace talks, as we do always. So now I refer this issue for your readers and people of Afghanistan; that those who are fed and receive orders from outsiders, Are they really holy warriosr or are bunch of criminals seeking to stop Afghanistan from progress and want destruction and bloodshed spilt for a longer period in Afghanistan.
8. Who was Mullah Salam in your perception and what positive outcome could have his death in terms of security and stability in Kunduz?
Mullah Salam was an agent appointed by Pakistan after he accepted the slavery of them in two years jail. He called himself Afghan and servant of Islam, but in reality he was slave and disruptive actor of Islam and Afghanistan. He ruined Kunduz and killed so many useful people, blew up bridges, and did so many criminal acts. He was killed by professional act of security force and sent him to hell. Now he shall be punished with maxim punishment by Allah. He might say that I do Jihad, but be sure Allah shall ask him that with whom you did Jihad? With Muslim! We have Islamic government. We have religious scholars. No one has words against this government, but those mislead and their rude wishes fed by outsiders that send so many illiterate and misled youths to afterlife. His death has direct impact in terms of security. Those who won’t join the Afghan peace and reintegration program (APRP) shall toast death like Salam.
9. Celebration of New Year is on its way; people have tension that Taliban will advance their attacks or shall try to spread insecurity in Kunduz or on highways in the spring, so what is your message for the people of Kunduz or Afghanistan regarding this matter?
We have advanced plans in hand to expand our operations, including night raid operations, ground patrols and destroying the spots where Taliban nest during the Spring, and God willing, we shall demolish them totally. In addition; families can carry on celebration of New Year without any tension, since all security forces jointly have plan to maintain security for those and families can enjoy of their freedom.
10. What is your message for security personnel and what should they do to keep people happy?
First of all, I am proud of individual ANDSF who put their life in danger for safety of others. They are far from their families for the safety of others. Security forces are servants of Islam, people and country. They are sons and daughters of individual Afghans who serve for prosperity of Afghanistan like any other Afghan. Not like those mislead and sold slaves who take part in destruction of motherland.