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Encouraging a culture of reading for a better future


When reading materials can be costly, daily chores take up our time, and technology distracts us, it can be hard to commit to reading a book. However, significant efforts have been undertaken over the years to encourage a culture of reading among our people and particularly, our youth.

Donation of books FMT BGLBadakhshan North


The Lankan center in Badakhshan recently handed out 350 books for readers and bookstores which were collected from the market and surrounding cities. The Lankan center and its team decided to build a culture of reading through its book collection efforts. “We gave chemistry, history, geography, mathematic, philosophy, English as well as other kind of books to interested readers who were requesting them,” said Parwaiz Habiby, the general manager of Lankan center in Badakhshan.

“I am so pleased to help share books and enrich libraries through book donations. If we can do this, then those who benefit from the knowledge will have better future,” said Habiby.

Nabil Qazai-e-Zadah, an advisor at the Badakhshan Governor’s office,  praised the Lankan center for the well-organized effort and encouragement of youths toward reading and literacy. “Truly enemies of Afghanistan seek to mislead youths by showing them fake movies. Burning books and destroying schools are primary steps taken by enemies to keep youth illiterate so they can use those illiterate youth against their own Islamic Government of Afghanistan and our ANDSF. In order to defeat those enemies, we should support literacy and make our children literate so they can discern truth from lies spread by the enemies of our nation. Through this way we can make achievements in fighting against the enemies of Afghanistan.”

Mullah Faizi, a teacher at a mosque located north of Fayzab, honored those who conduct honorable efforts to positive community benefit. “Allah has given mental capability for human beings to do right work, not wrong,” said Faizi. “Allah won’t forgive promise breakers who mislead innocent and illiterate people and invite them toward darkness. I declare my words and tell enemies are doing wrong based on Islam and the Constitution of Afghanistan. However, if still they claim they are right, then Allah shall punish them surely on the Day of Judgment. I tell them to join peace process and ask for forgiveness before it’s too late.”

Sharif, a local residence and reader from Jurm district, appreciated Lankan center for donating books and empowering literacy and a culture of reading among the people. “Human without literacy has no value at all,” said Qadiri. “That is why; Islam obligates males and females to learn. It is literacy and having books that give meaning to our knowledge of our ancestors and history.” He concluded, “All people of Afghanistan should encourage their family members to read, send them to school and help all people know the difference between the good and bad as obligated by Islam.”