Sat, Sep

Freeing Mislead Youth from Taliban


In recent months, the ANDSF have successfully executed carefully planned air and ground operations which have removed numerous Taliban leaders. Lt Col Ziai from the Spinzar zone command said, "Taliban now run like a mice from hole to hole after security forces have killed their leaders."

General Mobine with chief in line of operation FMT BGLKunduz North

The most recent Taliban leader killed, Mullah Nooruddin, along with several of his associates, can no longer mislead youth to fight against their own people and country. Scores of low level fighters have seen their fight against the security forces is unwinnable and are leaving the battle.  

Kunduz Chief of Police General Hamidi said, "These misled youth are a tool only used to keep disruption and instability in Afghanistan. Fortunately, the ANDSF are well trained, motivated and well equipped to continue their pursuit of stability and are servants of Islam and Afghanistan."