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Scholars vow to support security forces and local government


Religious scholars, teachers, local elders, governmental employees, society activists held a mammoth gathering in northern provinces of Afghanistan vow to support the Afghan National Defense Security Forces (ANDSF) and local government in Badakhshan province.

Religious scholars vow to support security forces in Badakhshan FMT BGLBadakhshan North


The meeting was organized under title of joint collaboration with Afghan security forces and local government. Participants vow to stand against Taliban disruptive act and promised to take part in security improvement, obeying the law, better government, welfare programs, prevention of bloodshed and destruction, and to report suspicious activities.

Mullah Abdul Badi Ershad, chief of Haj Piligram in Badakhshan, stated that religious scholars can be a useful tool to pass messages of unity, brotherhood, and the importance of literacy. They can also share information on avoiding working with the Taliban, serving as a Muslim son in the ANDSF, preventing poppy cultivation that funds terrorism, and staying away from using drugs because they are destructive. They can also discuss not being involved in corruption. “Religious scholars should invite people in brotherhood, unity, peace, standing against enemies, corruption, fraud, injustice, human rights, and support of security forces. They can inform people about good government programs and also the disruptive act of Taliban,” said Ershad.

Muvlavi Muhbubullah Sharifi – caliph in Khowja Abdul Marof mosque in Badakhshan,  stated that first element of religious scholar success is their unity and brotherhood with government and security forces. “Number of criminal militants under name of Talib or other come and behead people, blow up bridges, collect illegal taxes or do other wrong works then vow they are doing holy war,” said Sharifi. “They are neither Muslim nor are holy warrior. They are bunch of criminal and disruptive groups who work for happiness of those enemies that want Afghanistan turned to ashes. They want Afghanistan to stay as a backward country that can never stand on its feet or compete in the world. They want all tribes to dispute among each other and be thirsty of our own blood. Thanks Allah and Islamic government of Afghanistan for coping with this cutting off the hands of enemies and if some remain, the religious scholars can do this and save both Islam and Afghanistan from the misuse of Islam.”

Doctor Gull Mohammad Dedar, deputy governor of Badakhshan, honored the vow of the religious scholars to support the government employees who follow the same path of Islam that the religious scholars do. “Religious scholars are like the eye, tongue, ear and soul of the government and they can play their part as leaders of their communities,” Dedar said. He went on to explain that these leaders can share information to help stop disruptive acts in the area and help improve their communities.