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Poet soul of Afghanistan


Initial tendency to modernism in poetry can be explored in the 4th and 5th decades of the 20th century in Afghanistan. Despite two-thirds of Afghans can’t read or write, but nearly every shopkeeper, taxi drivers or pigeon flyers can quote and recite appropriate stanza or make up a new couplet of quatrain and ode in different concept.

Unity and brotherhood in message

Over three decades of war may have fallen museums, monuments and treasures of Afghanistan, but NOT poetry, since poetry inspiration exists in soul and mind of Afghan people. Poets recite poem in honor of Independence Day, Afghan National Defense Security Forces (ANDSF), or bravery of women. Among dozens of those poets one is Jan Mohammad Baloch. He is the director of Pardis Cultural Association in Kunduz and he believes that through poetry we not only honor our country, security forces, talk about beauty, or bravery of male and females, but efforts are undergo to keep culture and customs alive.

“Afghanistan has so many beautiful places, stories and issues to explain about,” said Baloch. “Existence of feelings is a key element of poetry. They wrote poetry reflecting their pain. Poets exist even they have no knowledge of writing, but can narrate it, since it exists in soul and sound of all Afghans. ”For centuries, Afghans have used poetry to disguise political, cultural, social as well as other exceptions, but much of Afghanistan’s poetry is focused on love and national fascinations. “Poets here are like poets everywhere.

Poets resumed the strength of our cultural, power, wisdom, love, pain, beauty as well as other vital elements” said Sayeed Mahmood Daneish – spokesperson of Kunduz governor. Nadira Sarwari, 26 years old is another proud Afghan women who narrated her poem in a gathering in regard of honoring security forces. With great enthusiasm she proclaimed that Afghanistan is the home of pride. “Poets mostly declare about bravery, wisdom, beauty, nature, cultural, social matters, freedom, unity, brotherhood and mutual action in community” said Nadira. “Those who declare the message of peace, unity and love in country shall bring pride and respect either is a poet or not. We honor those with all soul and sound.”

It is proud to hear young generation vow to support security forces, local government and stand against enemies of Afghanistan with their sound and soul.