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Immoral act of Taliban Vs Professional act of ANDSF


Majority of the people pride the dedication, motivation, enthusiasm and professional act of Afghan National Defense Security Forces in war against Taliban or any other illegal armed militants in the country.

Observing personal in line of duty FMT BGLKunduz North

Neither Taliban nor any other disruptive groups had place among the people nor have now due to the fake states and projection of them. Taliban fake vow rise among the people, support by the people and do holy war to overcome demands of the people. In reality, they are bunch of criminals, predators, brained-washed and brutal militants who are trained to use and kill Afghans without hesitation base on order of them station oversea.

People had seen cruelty of them like killing innocent people, sheltering civilians in war with Afghan Security Forces, blow up bridges, burn schools, killed innocent people and committee so many criminal acts that Islam strongly forbidden it and no Afghan son shall do such action for their own country and countrymen. In respond the Afghan Security Forces put their life in danger and saved life of their people not only in battle field, but now toward coward act of Taliban militants recently implement so.

Captain Abdul Qudoos – head command of engineer team of 2th battalion give guide for further safety of the people and prevent from any disruptive act of Taliban militants not to touch any un-identity items or aware the nearest security checkpoints or call 119. “Existence of professional employees had made task much easy to defuse any roadside bombs Taliban militants plant to target convey or passenger cars pass by those roads,” said Qudoos. “It will be late to ask for forgiveness, since almighty Allah punish law brokers with fire in hell that shall those toast so.”

Thanks Allah and international community train well Afghan Security Forces be in service of people day and night putting their life in danger with aim to cope with any danger and defeat enemy in battle field or with disruptive plans bear in mind.

Qari Bassit Haidri – religious scholar in Khana-e-Abad district of Kunduz believe that Islam path and direction is so clear and strict. Those who mistranslate and try to use it for their own benefit shall punish with great sin.

“God almighty declares that killing an innocent person unjustly is like killing all of mankind and saving a person’s life is like saving all of mankind,” said Haidri.

It is vital to mention that since starting from this solar year until now the Afghan National Defense Security Forces defused with total number of 1,187 mines that prevented from bloodshed attacks and life of innocent people in north zone.