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Build a safe society, call 119


Caller’s identity remains anonymous so no one can cause harm to him or her afterwards.Building on fire, traffic accidents, kidnappings, shootings, medical emergency, suspicious activity, if you face any  of these situations, ask for help by dialling the 119 Helpline on your mobile phone.

Manned by Afghan National Police officers, the 119 Centres work round the clock to provide timely help and security to all citizens.
The help centre in Balkh province was recently inaugurated. “By calling this number you can seek assistance when someone is having a heart attack, been kidnapped, or there is a fire or a fight. Also, anyone can call this number when there is a suspicious insurgent activity or misuse of power by an official. We want to uproot all criminality from our society,” said 2nd Lieutenant Abdul Wase, chief of the 119 Helpline in Balkh province.

The caller’s identity remains anonymous so no one can cause any harm to him or her afterwards. So, anybody can call the helpline in situations where the police, fire department or an ambulance is needed. The number is also to assist security forces in promoting peace and security. People can call on this number even if they see a criminal activity such as fraud or corruption.

“With the help of citizens and 119 operators, we have arrested numerous lawbreakers and neutralised insurgents’ activities in our province,” said Maj Gen Abdul Rahman Rahemi, chief of the Balkh ANP Headquarters.
According to Haji Abdul Sattar, a tribal elder of Balkh District, every Afghan has the right to peace, but along with this comes the responsibility to support the security forces. “Balkh is one of the safest provinces in Afghanistan and the ANP in Balkh is professionally trained and equipped. Now, the residents should play their part to ensure development and security,” he said.

The first 119 Helpline centre was established in Kabul in 2007 by the Ministry of Interior with assistance from the European Police Mission. Since then the network has spread to others parts of the country.
Also, the provincial police authorities have provided the people with local helpline numbers that could be used if the 119 Helpline is hard to get through for some reason.