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From darkness to peace


Head of Kandahar High Peace Council Mr Ahmadi tells the former militants that they have the chance to live a peaceful life with their families.Another five armed militants surrendered their weapons and joined the government’s reconciliation program in southern Kandahar province.

According to the Head of Kandahar High Peace Council, Ata Mohammad Ahmadi, these former militants had been fighting against the government in Kandahar’s Shahwalikot and in Helmand’s Kajaki districts. During the past months the officials were in contact with them and eventually were able to convince the militants to stop fighting and come back home. 

“I am happy that you decided to join the peace process and I hope that you will call and convince the other militants, who are still out there to come and join the community. Tell them that they are fighting a useless fight against our national security forces who are working hard to bring peace and stability to this country,” Ahmadi said to the former fighters.

“I will protect your rights and we will try to assist you in finding a job. This will help you to rebuild your life again and you will have a chance to support your family and country,” Ahmadi added.
The five former militants confessed to their involvement in anti-government armed activities. Today they are glad that they realized that their fighting was the wrong thing to do and decided to participate in the peace process.
“We were fighting against our own government and the international forces, which are supporting our nation. But when we understood that our fighting is harming our people, we wanted to end the violence. We needed help to re-join the community and that help was provided to us,” the former militants explained.

Brave steps; the ex-commander leads his group joining the peace process.

“We are very shameful of our past and what we did. But we know that our people are very brave and kind, so I hope that you all will forgive us and pray for us. Also we should pray for the others to come back to their families and join and support the peace”.

The former militants asked the High Peace Council to provide them that opportunity so that they can become better citizens by serving their country.
 “I am very happy now, after joining the peace because now I am able to live without any tension. I am able to spend time with my family. They also helped to convince me to come back,” Mullah Mohammad Jan, one of the ex-militants, said.

Ex-commander of the group, Mullah Mohammad Musa added: “Families have the power to call their family members who have left their homes for the dark fight. I want to encourage all the families: children, wives, mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers, to call on their loved ones who are still out there to leave the worthless fight. Call onthem to join the peace process.”

According to Mr Ahmadi the Head of Kandahar High Peace Council, nearly 100 militants joined the peace process so far this year.